I’m a photographer based in Vienna, Austria and I love to travel. In fact, I pack my bags with every chance I get.

I mostly like to be in the mountains and if there happens to be a lake in the area – oh, well, jackpot! Sometimes I like to discover new places, but sometimes I revisit old places just to see how the nature changes. I try to capture the places just the way I see them and share them with the world!

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One of my favourite places. It’s the perfect place to swim by day and amazing to photograph after the sun sets!

Still Fuschlsee

Even if there isn’t a “real sunset”, this place can still be magical.


Crystal clear turquoise lake guarded by snowcapped mountains.


The water has a bright solid blue colour, with the right light, it sometimes looks like a bucket of paint 😀


Now seriously? Who wouldn’t want to hike here?


Attersee during the golden hour. If I tell you that its colour is even more beautiful during the day, would you believe me?


I’ve been here so many times, but it seems to change every time. Plus, there are three lakes. Well, more or less, depends on the weather 😀


Another lake from Gosau after a summer rain. I called it “the Mystery Island”


I came across this new lake on my 5th or 6th hike there. I assume it wasn’t there for a long while..

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Fancy a ride on this road?

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Almost 48km long and up to 2504m high. And trust me, you’ll want to stop every 200 metres and enjoy the view!


This place looks like pretty much every country side landscape in Austria 😀

Grüner See

Maybe you’ve seen videos of a park that turns into a lake during the summer. This is the place!