TheOneSpy is a high-tech computer monitoring application intended for employers and parents to supervise the activities of employees and children on PCs. The app offers numerous features to facilitate employee and kids monitoring and it is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. The supported versions are Windows OS 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12. There are time-based subscriptions of the app varying with package plans and operating systems.

How does the Spy App Work?

Once you download and install the spy software on the target computer, you can monitor and control the device from the online account of the app. For instance, if you want to see the internet browsing details of a monitored computer you can log into the account and can see the details there. Similarly, if you want to take screenshots to know the real-time activities on a computer, you can head to your online account and can send a command to the monitored device to take screenshots.

What are the Core Features?

The software flaunts several features but we have rounded up here only the main features of the computer spy app.

Screen Recording

The Mobile and computer monitoring app lets you record whatever appears on the computer screen. You can record screen for a set period of time and at specific intervals. The video can be recorded in real-time or scheduled for upcoming time. As well as screen recording, you can take screenshots to detect the activities performed on the monitored computer.

Monitor Internet Use

The app provides you with the user-friendly statistics of the internet use of your target. You can see which websites are visited, when and for how many times. This helps you track the productivity of your workers and you can better know whether they are using the company internet for personal use or for the better interest of the company.

Website Blocking

As well as monitoring the internet use, you can control the internet access with the help of the spy software. You can block the unrequired and distracting websites to prevent employees from misusing the company internet and wasting their working hours. If your employees spend most of their time on social media or video and music streaming sites, you can block all those sites by either putting the URL or highlighting the keywords. Website filtering is equally helpful for parents as they can block the inappropriate websites to prevent their kids from exposing to explicit content.

Track Apps Use

The android monitoring software enables you to monitor the use of computer programs and apps. You can see what are the apps your employees use and whether these are productive or unproductive. This feature also helps you track the productivity level of your employees.

Record Computer Surroundings

As well as what your employees do on their computers, you can also see what they do around their computers. You can use the camera and microphone of the monitored device to see and listen what is being done in the surrounding.

Track Emails and Keylogger

All the incoming and outgoing emails of Gmail can be tracked; the content of the emails can be seen and email addresses of the emailing parties can be viewed. The app also accesses keystrokes applied to the keyboard of a monitored device including the keystrokes of username, password and email addresses.

The Bottom Line

As compared to many other computer tracking software, TheOneSpy is a reliable and midrange software to track windows and mac OS computers. It works with complete secrecy without generating any notification and sound on the monitored device. The app icon can be hidden and it cannot be detected by antivirus.