#Australia – According to the historic gay laws that criminalised homosexuality, people who have been convicted of homosexuality will be receiving an apology.

On May 24, the announcement will made that will repel the 35-year old law that decriminalised homosexuality in 1981.

According to this law, men convicted of consensual gay sex will could be jailed for 15 years.

The new law that are to follow—the expungement laws—will allow gay men to wipe off their records clean who were convicted for homosexual sex.

Previously, same sex intercourse was considered as an issue of morality like buggery or gross indecency. But with new laws, all the electronic record will either be amended or wiped off completely.

The state of Queensland is also expected to follow the same expunge for the historic convicts of homosexual sex. In 1990, homosexuality was decriminalised in this state and the reform will also clear a person of the same-sex convictions.

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