The Bajaj V12, a sibling of the Bajaj commuter motorcycle section, and a close brother to the highly successful Bajaj V15, is yet to hit the Indian roads and has been confirmed to launch in December this year. With the kind of reputation its predecessor has enjoyed, the V12 is sure to ride the growth and script yet another success story in the name of Bajaj and legacy of the INS Vikrant.

On the contrary, the Honda CB Shine has been out there for quite some time now, and we all know the popularity that this motorcycle has gained, along with enhancing the company’s reputation as a top class commuter motorcycle maker. Hence, the thing to be seen here is the kind of grip that Honda had maintained over its prospect as well as existing buyer for years. Launched in 2006, the Honda CB Shine gathered quite the name and fame for itself that many would fail at.

The engine

The Bajaj V12 is the second commuter motorcycle down the pipeline under the V branding. Looking at the past records of the V series by Bajaj, the V12 will just be a similar lower configured twin. The Bajaj V12 gets a 125cc, air-cooled, single cylinder DTS-i engine, borrowed heavily from the Bajaj Discover 125. It is coupled with a five speed transmission gearbox, which is slightly better that its competitor. Even the delivery of power is slightly better as the engine pumps out 11bhp power at 8,000 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of 10.8Nm at 5,500 revolutions per minute.

On the other hand, the Honda CB Shine looks like the perfect old workhorse that had once ruled the world, and still does, on commuter motorcycles. With a 125cc engine at the heart, the mill could thump out 10bhp of maximum power at 7,500 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of 10.5Nm at 5,500 revolutions per minute. This engine is coupled with a four speed gearbox. The Honda CB Shine can hit an acceleration of 0-60-km/h in a short time of 5.3-seconds.

The design

More often than not, Bajaj motorcycles are believed to wear away sooner than its peers. But the V12 seems like a completely different package and is all set to defy that trend. The chunky tanks portion renders a manly look, with a never-seen-before headlamp design. The rugged design surely resemblance to the INS Vikrant, the aircraft carries, the one it has its origin from. The large front lamps will get an imposing front fascia and chrome garnishing around it.

On the contrary, the Honda CB Shine has a more conventional design with the front tank and the rear hand rail size complements each other well. It does not feature any chunky body part in compared to its competitor, thus making this the obvious choice for those section of people who don’t prefer fancy outlook, and are content with a relatively classy and orthodox design.

The overall features

The all new Bajaj V12 will come the same theme, donning its physical shape from the older brother, borrowing the metal of the decommissioned INS Vikrant, the aircraft carrier. The V12 has already started taking shape and will be all ready to hit the roads this December, along with all the legacy that the past aircraft carrier possessed.

On the contrary, after the updates in the bike model two years back, the motorcycle was given a refreshed look with two new colour options – the pearl amazing white and the dual tone red and black. Moreover, the new Honda CB Shine has been made available in four different variants – the kick-drum-spoke, the self-drum-alloy and the self-disc-alloy.  It has a hydraulic suspension for both the front as well as the rear wheel. The overall kerb weight is not more than 120-kg, which is a decent figure for a 125cc motorcycle.

Bajaj V12 vs Honda CB Shine – Conclusion

While the Honda CB Shine brings with itself the enigma of being one of the best 125cc commuter bike to have run on the Indian roads, the Bajaj V12 will surely ride the success, the reputation of its superior predecessor.

Launched on 2006, the Honda CB Shine has already served over 30 lakhs customers till date and continues to overwhelm most part of the market. However, even though the Bajaj V12 is yet to be available for the general public, it can be assumed, or for a fact, be determined, it will continue to dominate the market just like its predecessor did, scaling an overwhelming figure of 1.6 lakhs units by October after being released in March 2016.

To conclude it all, both the motorcycles have a similar price tag. While the Honda CB Shine is available at a price of around Rs 59,000 exclusive showroom in Delhi, the Bajaj V12 is expected to get a marginally lower price tag of Rs 56,200 exclusive showroom price in Delhi. It is just a matter of time before we get to witness the battle between the two well-known motorcycles when they are up against each other on the roads of India. However, the most important parameter for this will surely be the popularity factor.