Loot drops are going back to normal in your quest for survival.

The Bluehole game studio updated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds today to improve its performance. More important, this update fixes an issue that screwed up how loot shows up across the multiplayer game’s island. The patch is live now, and you can get it by loading up Steam.

In a blog post, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene explained how the loot bug showed up in the first place in this take on Battle Royale, the cult-classic Japanese book and film that could have inspired The Hunger Games. It turns out that, like most glitches, the studio introduced the change by accident while trying to add another feature.

“To facilitate the custom-game feature allowing users to change the balance of the loot in their games, we had to change the core loot system,” Greene wrote. “When this new system was implemented, we missed a bug that altered the balance of weapons spawned in the world. We have now resolved this issue and the loot balance will be restored to how it was before the update last week.”

Battlegrounds only just debuted as an unfinished game in Steam’s Early Access portal last month, and it is now one of the most-played and best-selling games on Steam. And to keep that momentum, communication from the studio and fast action surrounding these kinds of bugs are key.

But while players can relax because they can expect more predictable loot strewn about the world, Greene did warn that official, planned changes to that system are still coming.

“Going forward, we do intend to apply balance passes to the loot,” he explained. “And we will update you when any of these passes are implemented.”

Hopefully, any future changes will help the GamesBeat Battlegrounds squad, because we need it:

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