We’ve had our share of sassy talking swords in games, but Boyfriend Dungeon wants to take things a step further. It plunges you into dungeons where you fight enemies and date your weapons. It’s the latest offering from indie studio Kitfox Games, and it’s set for a release in 2019 for PC.

So far, Kitfox has revealed three characters-slash-weapons — Talwar, the smoldering curved saber; Dagger, the self-possessed short blade; and the stylish and elegant Épée. Tanya X. Short, Kitfox’s game designer, says most of the gameplay will revolve around combat in procedurally generated dungeons, though it will be hard to progress without dating.

It’s a big departure from Kitfox’s previous titles, which include the mythos-building action role-playing game Moon Hunters and the cult simulator The Shrouded Isle.

“In some ways Boyfriend Dungeon is different from previous titles; in other ways, it’s combining everything we’ve learned from past titles,” said Short in an email to GamesBeat. “I looked into my heart, and Boyfriend Dungeon was there.”

Above: A sneak peek of Boyfriend Dungeon’s roster of love.

Image Credit: Kitfox Games

Kitfox is keeping details close to the vest on their new title, though it appears to be cheeky romp with plenty of absurdist fun. In the announcement trailer, the dungeon is designed to look like a shopping mall, and one of the characters bares his chest in cheesy bodice-ripper fashion.

Short says that they’re focused on making the dating aspects to be as inclusive as possible. Though it’s titled “Boyfriend Dungeon,” players will be able to date women and nonbinary (folks who don’t identify exclusively as male or female) characters as well.

“I think inclusivity is important in every game … but especially in games about love and the bonds we forge with other people,” said Short. “True love is always inclusive.”

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