Destroying something beautiful is more fun together, and one of the PC’s best sleeper early access hits from the past couple of years is finally going to enable that.

Developer Spiderling Studios announced today that its destruction-simulating game Besiege is getting a major patch called the Multiverse Update. This will introduce both cooperative and competitive multiplayer as well as level editing. These modes will also cross over with one another to enable live, online multiplayer level creation for teams of players who want to build something together. This patch will roll out soon, and it will also come along with a $2 increase for the game’s price from $8 to $10, which is standard for Steam’s Early Access portal for unfinished games.

Impressively, Besiege’s multiplayer mode doesn’t seem like a dinky add-on. Instead, it could potentially change the way people interact with the game. Instead of working on building alone, you can bring up to seven other friends. You can then all play around and battle with your machines, or you could design a level together.

“The Multiverse allows Besiegers to create multiplayer sessions of the game to build, battle, and compete with their friends,” reads a Spiderling Studios blog post. “Alongside this, we’ve included a large set of tools, allowing players to not only create their own custom levels, game modes, and objectives, but create them with their friends in real time. Furthermore, players can choose to play/simulate custom levels, while their friends are still working on them.”

Finally, I can make a weapon of mass murder with the people I love most. And then, I can use it on them when they’re least suspecting it. Wonderful.

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