Suspected Al-Qaeda militants entered a hotel in France and killed at least 23, while another 126 hostages were freed after hours of operation.

The incident took place at Burkina Faso on Friday night.

On Saturday, another development was made by the government in which an Australian family was kidnapped by the extremists near Mali.

President Roch Marc in his press release informed media about the killings of 8 attackers, of which, 4 were killed within a nearby a hotel.

Of the rescued hostages, 33, according to government, were injured.

The attack was claimed by AQIM i.e. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The Splendid Hotel is popular place for businesspeople and diplomats that came under gunfire on Friday night. A local nearby café was also attacked.

This attack is quite similar to the one that took place on Radisson Blu Hotel in November (in the Malian Capita of Bamako)


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