Thanks to my friends at Ecuadane who sent me my newest favorite thing-the Everywhere Blanket- hang on till the end of this post and enter to win your own blanket!

Jane Austin said, “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”,

I totally agree. But, since summer lends itself to travel, even this homebody enjoys a get-away when days stretch long and nights turn warm. Exploring a new place or visiting a familiar beach town refreshes my creative energy and brings me joy. My friends at Ecuadane agree. The company was started by 3 sisters who “have an unquenchable thirst for discovering the undiscovered, and (they) also love traveling!” With travel in mind, the Equadane Everywhere Blanket is perfect for taking camping or on a picnic.

But like I said, I’m a homebody, so as much as I love getting away, Jane Austin was right… there’s nothing in the world that compares with the comfort of coming home…

Mike and I spent some time at the beach recently. Our days were packed full of fun with 2 of our Littles (grandkids 🙂 ). Between morning walks, afternoons on the sand, and evenings out we were exhausted by the time we crossed into Georgia. You know, the good kind of exhausted 🙂

The first morning back, the breeze was uncharacteristically cool, I headed outside to have my coffee and my quiet time…

I just sat here and listened to the waterfall and the birds. Letting all the comfort of home wash over me…

It didn’t take long for tiny Aubie to join me. She loves a good blanket…Ecuadane

When I’m leave home, it takes a few days to feel really relaxed but coming back is different, from the moment I walk through our front door I feel it…all the comforts of home.

Want more scoop on this fantastic blanket and a chance to win one of your own? HERE is 411 on Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket-

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