Bossa Studios, the maker of the crazy Surgeon Simulator game, unveiled another zany title called Decksplash. It’s a skateboarding game where you paint a tropical world using your board.

Decksplash will have a closed alpha test on January 31. Decksplash meshes physical Fingerboard toys with arena arcade gameplay (Rocket League, Splatoon) in a 3-versus-3 competitive showdown where players grind, spin, and splash their way to victory.

Bossa Studios has created titles that couldn’t be more different, like Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread and Worlds Adrift. In this title, Bossa is concentrating on responsive controls, so that you “grind your board and not your teeth.” You can customize your board and take it to the skate park, where you can play with friends and “combo” your way to victory.

You have direct control of the board’s rotation and air-control, allowing you to create your own tricks and combos to get the largest score possible. The higher the score, the bigger the paint splash you make on the landscape.

Trick scores are based on a multiplier that monitors your combo, trick score, and landing bonus. Teamwork is key to painting the map efficiently, issuing your board shockwave to kill colossal opposing combos, and timing your final push to win out against the other team in a turf war for control of the park. If your team covers the arena with more paint, you will emerge victorious. The game will make its way to Steam Early Access in the near future.

Shared from VentureBeat