—hundreds homeless

#Flood #England – Heavy rains and mild winters, climate changes have not been that gentle on England. And now, this all has lead to flooding in England, Wales and Scotland. There are more than 24 read alerts issued by now which are considered extremely lethal to life.

The water continues to rise and homes and business have submerged badly or even swept away with heavy rainfall. Major cities that have been affected are Leeds, Manchester and York.

Around 500 military troops have been sent for rescue assistance and David Cameron have said that they will be doing everything possible to help people in this hour of need.

According to Environment Agency, they had to lift water barriers that protected Leeds.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated to safe areas as mild winters suddenly changed into reckless floods.

Rainfall records according to Floods Minster have been unprecedented. It seems like the country hadn’t planned for this level of calamity and resources seem to be thin as 85 percent of the floor barriers have already been deployed to Cumbria areas.

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