Planning to buy a new car? Confused whether to go for extended warranty packages or not? Read on to find out.

When buying a new car, most of the first-time buyers get in dilemma whether to go for extended car warranty packages or not. A new car comes with a limited warranty of 1 or 2 years, and the dealers recommend buying an extended warranty package by shelling out a few more from your savings. But are these packages really worth buying? We try to find out.

Extended Car Warranty: What they offer?


An extended car warranty is nothing but effectively an added protection cover for your car, which comes into effect after the limited warranty of your car, expires. And hence, it is always recommended to go for an extended warranty package when buying a new car . They may seem to be a bit expensive or worthless today, but believe us they may turn into a blessing in the future.

Extended Car Warranty: This is the right choice!

No matter which car you buy, an Indian brand or any international brand, their electrical and mechanical components can be too much expensive to change. With regular running, small car components will wear out with time and would need repair or replacement. Earlier, small and sometimes even big components were easily repaired and refurbished. Nowadays, replacement is the only option available with modern cars.

This is where; you need to pay a lot to keep your car in the best condition. There is no need of worrying if your car is in the warranty period. The car manufacturer will handle all service, repair and even replacement costs. However, things get start worsening when the limited warranty period expires.

Get Mental Peace with Extended Car Warranty

Let’s take an example of Mr. Arun, who owns the new Honda City. While buying his dream car, he chose the extended warranty package by paying a couple of thousand rupees only. During initial years of ownership, Mr. Arun thought that his money spent on the warranty package will go in waste as the car never required any major component repair or replacement.

He started getting nightmares when his beloved sedan’s AC started making unusual sounds and it just died one day. When the people at Honda checked his car, they found that the complete AC cooling system needs to be replaced, which would cost over Rs.60, 000. Thanks to the extended warranty package, Mr. Arun had to spend only a few hundred rupees and his car’s AC was repaired under the package’s policy. Later, his car’s fuel pump, costing around Rs.20, 000 was also replaced for free of cost.

Extended Car Warranty: What you should ask?


Before buying an extended warranty package, you should enquire what exactly is covered and what’s not covered in the package? Always ensure that the package also covers breakdown as well as general wear and tear. Explore all the available features of the package before making a decision. If the standard warranty package is more than enough, and you don’t wish to keep the car for long, look for the alternative options.

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