—but there’s a catch

#LongLastingBattery #low-battery – Well I had always been told that battery consumption is more about how the hardware and software are integrated. For example, I once heard on HTC customer support that bigger batteries won’t serve longer battery timings necessarily, because it’s about how the two— hardware and software, are optimised. HTC specifically mentioned this when they launched its HTC One Smartphone, because it was equipped with a considerably small battery, as compared to Quadcore smartphones of that time.

But whatever HTC was up to, it was not correct, entirely.

Where the software and hardware compatibility with each does matter, a bigger battery always offer more juice.

This new smartphone Oukitel K10000 hasa big enough battery that can last for around 15 days with normal use, according to the Company claims. K10000, has a 10000 mAh of battery that’s almost ten times that of an iPhone 6s.

The claims might be a little farfetched, but even if the phone provides a week of usage that would be a great increment to our one-day battery life smartphones. The only phone that’s providing a two-day battery with heavy use is Xperia Z5, having 2900 mAh of battery.

Let’s see what the phone is really up to in real life. You can get it for $239.99 and shipping will start in January, 2016. With the size of a battery that’s 10-times that of a normal phone, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t get the top-notch features from this phone.

Via Telegraph


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