Hello, and welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, the classic space game Star Control II is getting a sequel, Fortnite: Battle Royale reaches 10 million players, and Hearthstone boss Ben Brode tells us what “casual” means to him.

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Pieces of flair and opinion

  • The DeanBeat: Optimism and despair over VR at Oculus Connect
  • PC Gaming Weekly: Independents day
  • Creating corpses: Making bodies matter in Diablo 3
  • AR/VR Weekly: Seeking a virtual reality tabletop
  • 3 reasons why VR’s killer app will be collaborative
  • Diablo 3 brought the Necromancer back from the dead — here’s how
  • Is the Vice President secretly a helicopter? GamesBeat Decides
  • Overwatch’s Ana finally got the great Legendary skin she deserved
  • Fans worry Star Wars: Battlefront II is flirting with the pay-to-win dark side

Above: Battlefront II is fun, but are its loot boxes bad for gamers?

Image Credit: EA


  • Grand Theft Auto Online’s new land, sea, and air races make for a mad, mad, mad, mad world
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s PC players unlock unlimited loot boxes with cheat app
  • BioWare senior creative director Mike Laidlaw announces his departure
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II developer addresses pay-to-win concerns
  • VY Esports raises funding for esports brand matchmaking platform
  • Discord launches verified servers for Minecraft, Squad, and more
  • Serial Cleaner is bringing its indie stealth action to the Switch later this year
  • Oculus Connect 4: All the new games
  • Titanfall and Call of Duty veterans will bring a VR game to Oculus Rift in 2019
  • Improved Oculus avatars are coming to SteamVR and Daydream
  • Rift Core 2.0 is coming with new Dash and improved Home for Oculus devices
  • Oculus Dash adds Minority Report-like interface to Rift VR
  • Facebook unveils Oculus Rift bundles for business
  • Oculus Go is Facebook’s new standalone headset for $200
  • Mark Zuckerberg: We want to get 1 billion people in virtual reality
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale passes 10 million players in two weeks
  • Daybreak Games and Twin Galaxies to run H1Z1 Pro League
  • Niko Partners: Taiwan’s game market on path to $2.8 billion by 2021
  • Ubisoft details Assassin’s Creed: Origins free and paid DLC
  • GameStop is getting more SNES Classic Editions
  • 3rd Eye Studios raises $1 million for its VR, PC, and mobile gaming dev tool
  • Ariella Lehrer becomes president of AR games maker HitPoint Studios
  • Tamagotchi is back for its 20th anniversary
  • Founder Brian Mullins steps down as CEO of augmented reality firm Daqri
  • Star Control II developers working on ‘direct sequel’ 25 years later
  • Everything Is Going to be OK wins IndieCade’s 2017 Interaction Award
  • Hearthstone adds its first new Warlock hero, and you can get it at a Fireside Gathering
  • Mantis VR adds integrated headphones to any PlayStation VR
  • EA extends Star Wars: Battlefront II open beta test to October 11
  • Echo sneaks its sci-fi stealth and puzzles to PlayStation 4
  • WWE 2K18 scores the secret recipe for KFC’s Colonel Sanders as a playable wrestler

Above: Million Arthur VR.

Image Credit: Square Enix / Vive Studio

Mobile and social

  • ARKit games are the top AR downloads in the Apple App Store
  • Square Enix brings Million Arthur VR card battler to the U.S. and more
  • Bury me, my Love’s tale about Syrian refugees launches October 26 on iOS and Android
  • Supersolid raises $4 million as it preps to launch Home Street mobile game
  • Facebook Spaces will let you livestream 360-degree video from anywhere
  • Oculus opens Explore API to all Gear VR developers, coming to Rift in 2018
  • This clicker game lets you take over the world with paper clips

Previews, reviews, and interviews

  • Project Santa Cruz: Hands-on with Facebook’s next-generation wireless VR headset
  • Spintires: MudRunner trailer shows off the ultimate turf-wrecking truck sim
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War review — a grind as epic as its story
  • Fear Sphere turns the scary flashlight levels of horror games into reality
  • Nyko’s Nintendo Switch Power Pak gives it more power … and more pounds
  • Hearthstone boss Ben Brode gives me new insight on what ‘casual’ means

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