Hello, and welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, Dragon Ball Fighterz gets a release date, we kill Nazis in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Animal Crossing is going camping on Android and iOS.

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Pieces of flair and opinion

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Above: Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Image Credit: Microsoft


  • Rocket League developer partners with Warner Bros. for worldwide retail distribution
  • Overwatch League begins to take shape as KSV Esports unveils Seoul Dynasty
  • Microsoft’s Game Pass success boosts revenue despite sluggish Xbox One sales
  • Freddy Krueger joins Dead by Daylight’s cast of horrors
  • Fortnite spooks up Halloween content and big Battle Royale update
  • AMD launches Ryzen-Vega combo chips for world’s fastest, most power-efficient laptops
  • Magic: The Gathering — Arena hits closed beta in late November
  • Seagate launches 4TB hard drive for the PlayStation 4
  • Steam finally offers digital gift cards
  • Destiny 2 PC players claim Bungie is banning them without justification
  • Metal Gear Survive and its ironic title will launch February 20
  • Microsoft kills Kinect, its motion control camera for Xbox and Windows
  • I Expect You to Die’s new DLC level pulls into the station of Schell Games’ VR hit
  • Destiny 2 doesn’t work with old AMD Phenom II CPUs
  • AMD returns to profitability in Q3 2017 as Ryzen takes off
  • Destiny 2 is live now on Battle.net
  • Double Fine unveils 70-game lineup for Day of the Devs indie festival
  • Asmodee partners with Fantasy Flight for new digital board game studio
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One version will get a physical release
  • Esports gets a new player-focused convention: GG Expo
  • Mario + Rabbids beats Marvel vs. Capcom in September’s crossover battle
  • September 2017 NPD: Destiny 2 outshoots NBA 2K18 for the top spot
  • Destiny 2 outsold every 2017 release in less than a month
  • Super NES Classic outsold Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
  • Blizzard is going to make it easier to gift your friends things like Hearthstone packs
  • Cloud9 raises $25 million, and investors include WWE and Wizards co-owner
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dev invests in gaming capital firm ESDF
  • Nintendo Switch gets the demon-summoning fantasia it deserves with Shin Megami Tensei V
  • Dragon Ball Fighterz summons the energy for a January 26 release
  • Analogue’s Super NT SNES comes with unreleased director’s cut of Super Turrican
  • Treasure Hunters FanClub will marshal fans to fund indie game developers

Above: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mobile and social

  • Vainglory mobile MOBA adds 5-on-5 battles
  • Resolution Games’ swashbuckling VR adventure Narrows sets sail for Google Daydream
  • Dreamworks Universe of Legends: Where Shrek meets Kung-Fu Panda and dragons
  • Nintendo reveals Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android
  • Subsurface Circular brings robot existentialism to the iPad
  • Google Assistant now has 50 apps and games for kids

Previews, reviews, and interviews

  • Hidden Agenda: Sony’s new PlayLink game lets your team decide how to play
  • Terroir is a tycoon game that takes you from vine to wine
  • Bury Me, My Love review — an intensely personal look at the journeys of Syrian refugees
  • Super Mario Odyssey review — Nintendo’s best Mario game ever
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins review-in-progress — side quests waylay a search for justice
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus review: Complicity in Nazi America
  • Game Boss interview: Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network fights online abuse
  • High Hell review — a gleeful absurd heist against the devil himself
  • Game Boss interview: How Zoe Quinn survived Gamergate and lived to fight Internet hate
  • Projection: First Light is a puzzle platformer with puppetry
  • Game boss interview: Tameem Antoniades’s journey into madness with Hellblade
  • The Black Widow gives you a Ouija board to talk to the spirit of a murderer

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