To get into any selective university or college, you require to have a compelling college application. This would need an impressive GPA, strong test scores and a whole bunch of extracurricular. Now more colleges are looking for students to have a list of productive summer activities. If they intend to present themselves who they are and the skills that they have to offer. This shows that you take initiatives to make things happen. There are plenty of summer activities to choose from, for example you can get a job or help in your family business. There are many creative summer learning ideas which will help you a lot build up important skills. You can participate in any project or summer program as well. Several pre-college programs, art programs and language programs are available for students to pursue. If you’re only interested in business, then you can pursue programs related to that subject.

Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania presents business programs for undergrad and graduate students. These leadership talent management programs are being ranked amongst the top in the world and they are very difficult to crack. Wharton also has a summer program for high school students as well. If you’re thinking about getting into any undergrad program especially in business then you should probably take a look at Wharton’s Leadership in the Business World summer pre-collegiate program. This leadership talent management program provides ample of mentorship from the best business professors in the country who are known as pioneers. To know more about how you can get in the program keep reading.

Leadership talent management is a program which is sponsored by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and it is for four weeks. It’s an intensive summer program which is focused on selected high school students who want to get a world-class foundation for the bachelor business education. Students who are looking to improve their skills on their communication skills, teamwork and leadership should take this opportunity. It will provide you the opportunity to learn about the true essence about leadership through a wide range of classes which are available through Wharton professors and business C-Suite leaders. The program would cost you $7500 and it consists of tuition fees, meals, trips, housing and other expenses. Students who are seeking financial aid can get it by applying at the admissions office.

Whilst studying, you will be attending lots of lectures and presentations which include Wharton faculty and guest speakers discussing about leadership, business, enterprises and entrepreneurship. You can have the chance to talk with the successful C-Suite leaders who are from different industries including real estate, finance, entrepreneurship and entertainment. A team project will be there and this is a part of your four-week intensive program. Students would be divided into different teams led by Wharton sophomores. They have to create a business plan which they will be presenting at the end of the month in front of all. Then that would be examined by the business professionals.

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