#Chromebooks  It’s commendable that Google has announced a $5.3 million worth grant for refugees, which will be given to them in the form of Chromebooks. These Chromebooks will be given to german-based non-profits organisations.

Google has been participating in charities across Europe for months now, raising around $10 million in aid.

The grant will support Project Reconnect’s launch, a program to help refugees from Nethope. These Chromebooks will allow refugees to educate themselves and communicate with other family members. The Chromebooks will also provide educational programs on applying for asylum with preinstalled homepage.

The grant is Google’s attempt to revamp its severing relation with EU. Europe has criticised Google for not paying its fair share of taxes. Also, the EU also filed anti-trust lawsuit against Google last year.

More than 1 million refugees entered Europe last year, with people from Middle East and North Africa moving out are also not slowing down.

Germany has absorbed a sizeable number of refugees. Initially, the country announced to resettle the refugees who effectively qualified for asylum, but later, walked back from the initial offer.


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