#Hoverboards #AustralianBoy – It’s not the first time that technology’s has sound stupid and dangerous. Hoverboards are amongst a few innovations that serve no real purpose or add convenience to a person’s life, but are widely liked by every tech-savvy individual.

On this Christmas day, a 16 year-old Australian boy was rushed to hospital after falling off his new ride on Sydney’s northern beaches.

It was reported that the boy faced serious head injury and was taken to the nearest hospital by the paramedics staff.

The kid began to show signs of recovery once arrived to hospital and was later transferred to the local hospital in the ambulance.

Hoverboards can be really dangerous and it might be the first incident in Australia, but outside her, like in U.S., there are many reported Hoverboards tragedies.

Apart from Hoverboards, a kid lost his eye from the blades of a drone camera that sliced through his eye.

Next time you want to go out for hover boarding, make sure you are off the eyes of local warden and with your protective gear on.


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