Whenever we feel headache, we blame our little brain. Don’t we? But if you think deeply, you will really wonder how headaches are even caused. It’s one of the strange brain facts indeed. So if our brain is not responsible for headaches, which makes us suffer? Experts claim that surrounding tissues, blood vessels, brain chemicals are the main reasons behind the headaches and nerve is the head black sheep that passes the pain signals.

Headaches are the most common problem seen with the people of all age groups. Often almost all of us suffer from the pain of “win-win” headaches. There are nearly 200 different types of headaches are found among the human. Known causes of headaches include nasal congestion, migraine, tension, lack of sleep and many more. Given below are some quick home remedies that can help you to educate yourself on how to get rid of headaches fast.

Step 1 : Find The Kind Of Headache You Experience And Treat It Accordingly

To get rid of headaches as fast as you can, you have to treat it according to its type. Some of the most common types of headaches are tension (stress)headaches, sinus headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches and hang over headaches. So how to identify the type of headaches you are experiencing? Read on the following description and decide it by yourself.

Tension Headache

If you are experiencing a constant band like pain (which can be mild to moderate) or tightness and dull pressure in your forehead or back of the head, it is likely a stress or tension headache. The pain usually starts in the neck and progresses to the head.

It may also cause fatigue and circular pain sensations all around the head. According to the medical experts tension headache or stress headache is the most common one that affects the teens and early 20s.

Sinus headache

If you experience a throbbing pain around the sinuses i.e., in the forehead , above the nose and especially behind & between the eyes, it could be a sign of sinus headache. When you have sinus headache these areas may create a tendency to the touch.

Pain of sinus headache will get worse with the physical movements like lying down or bending over.

Hangover Headache

Hangover headache creates nausea, general lousiness and throbbing pain in the following morning of a heavy hangover.

Cluster Headache

It is one of the rare and most painful types of headaches. If you experience a severe pain in single eye and/or the pain is limited to only one side of your head, it may be sign of cluster headache.

Migraine headache

These kind of headaches are very painful. Symptoms include an intense throbbing ,nausea, vomiting , tunnel vision, eye pain, blind spots, blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light. These kind of headaches are often confused with tension headache or sinus headache.

Approximately 12% of US citizens are diagnosed with migraine headache.

What To Do If Your Symptoms Does Not Seem To Match With Any Of These 5?

Follow the remedies we suggested for tension headaches. It is the most common type and the exact causes of tension headache are unknown. But many factors are reported to trigger tension headache. So it is strongly advised to take up this remedy to get rid of your headaches fast.

How to Get Rid Of Headaches Fast Through Natural Home Remedies

If you have just an occasional headache, you can follow the below remedies to ease your pain immediately.

As we stated already it is the most common type of headaches that affects 90% of women and 70% men during their lifetimes.

Although tension headache can affect the people at any age group, the severity of this type of headache reaches to its peak between the ages 30 to 39.

Chronic tension headaches affects children who are younger than 6 years old.

Causes Of Tension Headaches

Exact causes of tension or stress headaches are not known. But in some people it is triggered by the following factors

  • Tension or emotional stress
  • Inadequate rest
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Overexertion
  • Hunger
  • Poor posture
  • eye strain
  • a cold or flu
  • caffeine
  • smoking

Step 2 : Try These 2 Before Reaching The Other Remedies And Medications

As you are suffering from tension headaches before you reach for any home remedies to relieve your pain, try out the following 2 simple remedies and alleviate the pain. These 2 remedies are much simpler but more effective.

Have A Glass Of Cold Water

Sometimes just being mildly dehydrated can trigger a sever tension headache. As consuming a glass of water, hydrates your body it may help you quell throbbing in minutes. Alternatively, you can also consider drinking the sports drink.

Take A Time-Out

Do you feel the pressure across your temple? Well, it’s a language of your body that conveys the message “You’ve got a tension headache due to the stress”. So treating the stress will help you alleviate the pain caused by the tension headache.

Find a quiet, dark place and take a small break around 30 minutes. If the place is convenient, you can try to lie down. Close your eyes, turn off the lights and start to focus on your breathe. Take 5 to 6 slow deep breaths. Inhale via your nose and exhale via your mouth. Give few second gap between each breaths. Pause and continue.

Massage your forehead by using your index finger in a circular motion. It improves the circulation and results in a pain relief.

If none of these work, head on to the natural home remedies listed below.

Step 3 : How To Get Rid Of A Headache Without Medicine ? – Home Remedies

No 1 : Cayenne For Headaches

You may think how something spicy can help you get rid your headache. Let me explain you how it works. Cayenne is one of the very useful nature’s gifts that helps to treat all sorts of pain and inflammation. The capsaicin, ingredient of Cayenne suppresses the pain perception known as substance P which is the one that makes us to feel the pain. Recent researches have proved that applying the cayenne powder to the nasal passages results in the drastic headache reduction.

What You Will Need?

Cayenne Powder -1/4 tbsp

Warm water – 4 ounces

Cotton pads

How To Apply?

Take 1/2 tbsp of cayenne powder and dilute it in the water. Stir it well and make sure that the powder is not clinging to the container at the bottom. Dip a cotton pad into the solution and apply it gently to the inside of each nostrils. You can take it out when you feel the heat. The burning sensation may make you feel uncomfortable. But remember it’s a sign which tells you that it has started to work. When it goes off, hopefully your headache will be wiped out.

No 2 : Toss Back Some Almonds

Why don’t you toss back some almonds instead of popping a pill? Headache is one of the most common and frequent ailments, for this kind taking almonds to treat it will serve as a healthier alternative too. Almond has pain relieving agent called “salicin” which can be seen in most of the popular over-the-counter-medications.

If you are frequent sufferer of tension headache, it’s good to have some almonds with you all the time. When the pain starts to set in eat handful of almonds. After few minutes you can feel a pin relief or at least pain reduction.

No 3 : Use Apple Cider Vinegar Compress

You may have heard the uses of ACV in many number of home remedies which talks about skin and hair care. But how to get rid of a headache using Apple Cider Vinegar and what does it do with the pain? ACV can be used to treat everything from scurvy to serious fever. So without any doubt you can use it to treat throbbing headache too. All you need to do is “just take a steam with an apple cider vinegar”.

What You Need?

ACV – 1/4 cup

Boiling water – 3 cups

Fresh cool water – 1 cup

Directions To Apply

Take a large bowl and pour 1/4 cup of ACV followed by 3 cups of boiling water. Use a cotton towel to take a steam as shown in the picture.

Make sure, you don’t keep your face very close to the boiling water. Otherwise you will get burns by the steam. Take this steam for 5 to 10 minutes. Now take off the towel and take few deep breaths. Once you are done, pat dry your face using the towel. Finally finish this procedure by drinking a glass of fresh water.

No 5 : Betel Leaves

To get rid of headaches fast, you can take the fresh betel leaves orally or make a paste out of it. Apply this on both sides of your forehead. Analgesic and cooling properties of betel leaves can create wonders in just 5 to 6 minutes.

No 6 : Raw Ginger Salt

As ginger is well known for its anti inflammatory medicinal properties, when you chew it that can help you to ease the headache pain. Take few slices of raw ginger and chew it with salt. Apart from relieving you from the headache pain, it offers loads and loads of health benefits as well.

No 7 : Take herbal tea

Do you want to know how to get rid of headaches fast without medication? Then drinking the herbal or lemon tea can give you a quick solution. Here is an easy how to.

  • Take the required amount of ginger slices and boil it in water for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Add few numbers of cinnamon sticks that will make the herbal tea more tastier.
  • You can add some sugar and few drops of lemon water to make it more flavored.

No 8 : Have A Cup Of Caffeinated Coffee

Many over the counter medications include caffeine for 2 reasons.

1. It reduces the swelling of blood vessels

2. It helps pain killers work faster. If caffeine is not included in pain killers it will work slow and will become less effective too.

So when you have headache and do not want to take the OTP medications, you can simply have a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea. It will help you relieve the pain in a much faster way.

No 9 : Soft Massage

When you massage your forehead and temple it promotes the blood circulation. You can take this soft massage from any professionally trained or by yourself. Here is an easy how to.

  • Soak your hand in some cold water completely
  • Start to rub your temple using the index fingers.

This soft massage can give you an instant relief from headaches

No 10 : Eucalyptus Oil Massage

I have already stated how to get rid of headaches fast with the soft massage. As an alternative to cold water, try massaging your forehead using a cup of Eucalyptus Oil which has a rich anti inflammatory property. Massage with your index fingers for 8 to 10 minutes. It will quickly relieve you from headaches.

No 11 : Cold or Ice Compress

To get rid of headaches, take few ice cubes and wrap it with the soft cotton cloth. Leave this compress on your forehead for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply cold compress on the neck area too. Repeat this home remedy until you feel comfortable.

Other Tips To Manage The Tension Headaches

  • Sweat To Protect. We already know that exercise reduces tension and stress at the moment we do and a period afterward. Recent researches conducted by Princeton University suggests that when our body is involved with the exercises, it produce super brain cells which provide more resistance to the stressors. What it means is “Hitting on the gym now will help you smile no matter what is on your way later”.
  • Take hot shower for 20 minutes. It will help you to get rid of headaches in a faster way.
  • Pour few drops of essential oils in a facial tissue and inhale it every now and then.
  • If it happens to stare at the monitor for long hours take 5minutes screen break for every 1 hour.
  • Practice yoga

How to Get Rid Of Headaches Fast Using Over-The-Counter-Medications

When the above stated home remedies fails to provide a pain relief, you can take some trust worthy over the counter medications. To be on safer side, get a prescription from medical practitioner and consume it when you feel a headache.

Mild to moderate tension headaches respond well to the following medications.

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • acetaminophen

In most cases medical practitioner will suggest a pain reliever that will help you to get rid of headaches fast.

How To Stay Away From Headaches

  1. Take 5 to 6 glasses of water daily
  2. Never skip your meals for a long time
  3. Do not work continually for long hours. Take some short breaks in the middle
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Add veggies and fresh fruits in your daily diet compulsorily
  6. Improve Posture
  7. When you get headaches often, it may be a sign of some other serious problems. Check with a doctor
  8. If you use your mobile very close to your face while playing , texting and surfing it may cause strain to your eyes which will be turned into a headache. To stay safe, avoid straining your eyes

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