Hyundai is expected to launch its first dedicated hybrid vehicle early next year, and the automaker is very confident in the car’s likely fuel efficiency ratings.

Set to be revealed in Korea in January, the new vehicle will make its European debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show.

The IONIQ will be available as a pure electric, plug-in hybrid and regular hybrid, which Hyundai says is a first for a single-bodied production vehicle.

The new vehicle is based on a new platform, developed to house the lithium-ion batteries on board.

Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center, has said that the IONIQ is the company’s vision for future mobility, with a variety of powertrains that suit customers’ lifestyles without compromising factors like design or driving enjoyment. Finally, the hybrid (HEV) utilizes the gasoline engine and motion of the vehicle to charge the on-board battery, which returns enhanced efficiency by supplementing the engine’s power. By coming up with a model such as the IONIQ with the same bodystyle but three different powertrains it gives them far more choice. “IONIQ embodies Hyundai Motor’s vision to shift the automotive paradigm and future mobility; IONIQ is the fruit of our efforts to become the leader in the global green auto market”. People who can remember their science lessons will know an ion is an electrically-charged atom, which references the electric aspect.

The Ioniq will be built on an all new platform spun out specifically to accommodate the three different powertrain options, and Hyundai insist the chassis is optimised to deliver responsive handling regardless of which setup is powering the wheels. The second part of the name references the unique offering it brings to the Hyundai range, demonstrating the brand’s environmental commitment and willingness to maximize choice for its customers.

Hyundai has used the “Q” for the car’s logo to acknowledge the new approach to the model. That rollout will include electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell cars, plug-in hybrids and traditional hybrids.

According to Auto Express, the Ioniq is expected to be seen publicly at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and is expected to go on sale in September 2016, with the fully electric and conventional hybrids on sale first and the plug-in hybrid joining the rest of the range later.