Everyone knows well the building of the Parliament, their unique forms and sizes are recognizable from afar. But from the inner halls, room and corridors were taken very few pictures, even though it’s so beautiful inside.

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I would like to show with this photo series of a less known side of this stunning building, what Hungarians are really proud of.

Everyone should see the Hungarian Parliament once in their life.

More info: krennimre.com

The Grand Saircase

The ceiling over the Grand staircase

Grand staircase vertorama

The staircase number XVII.

The inner courtyard of the Parliament

Upward on the Grand staircase

The Lords lounge room

Corridor of the Lords

Lords sitting room

The Giant Herendi Vase

Pillar and window ornaments

The Grand staircase hall

The ceiling of the corridors

The pillars by the Parliament main entrance

Ceiling ornaments in the sitting room