The border between Poland and Slovakia is defined by the beautiful mountains, picturesque valleys, and lakes, meandering rivers. Thousands of tourist tracks, places to relax and delightful Carpathian nature.

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I live in the south of Poland. I have everything at my fingertips. Thanks to the Schengen area I can move freely between Poland and Slovakia, without internal border control.

I travel many kilometers to photograph landscapes and nature. I choose the most beautiful places both in Poland and Slovakia. I am looking for a unique mood and moments. I like minimalism and geometry in photography.

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First light in the Tatra Mountains

Carpathian parallellism

The Pieniny Mountains

Winter in the Pieniny Mountains

In the Bieszczady Mountains

From the Pieniny Mountains to the Tatra Mountains

An island

The Tatra Mountains


In the fog

The Tatra Mountains

Sunrise in the Pieniny Mountains

Sunrise in the Tatra Mountains

Moonrise under the Tatras

Winter breath

Great Fatra


Forest in the fog

Ocean of fog

Before sunrise in the Pieniny Mountains

Magic morning

In the fog

Sleeping valley

Mount Babia

Winter in the Pieniny Mountains

The Bieszczady Mountains

A shelter in the Bieszczady Mountains

Sunrise in the Low Beskids

The Low Beskids

Solina Lake in the Bieszczady Mountains

Zywiec Lake in the The Zywiec Beskids

Carpathian beech forest