Only those who are passionate about the genre can describe how amazing it is to visit the place where their favorite horror film was filmed.

It is common that when we watch movies with beautiful landscapes we are curious to visit that place. With fans of horror movies is no different.

Some of these places have become tourist spots, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, home from Halloween and The Shining.

The Evans City Cemetery from Night of the Living Dead

Image credits: lor1217

Buffalo Bills house from Silence of the Lambs

Image credits: bellaflip

The house from Poltergeist

Image credits: yiprocheresy

The gas station from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image credits: rthill84

The house from Amityville Horror

Image credits: sifat_imtiaz_ahmed

The house from Nightmare on Elm Street

Image credits: unfollowsyou

Black Rock Mill from The Blair Witch Project

Image credits: mdcruze7

Michael Myers’ home from Halloween

Image credits: haydenwilberger

The stairs from The Exorcist

Image credits: mahoneycommameg

Timberline Lodge from The Shining

Image credits: debstorres