The advent of the Internet, the virtual global networking and communications system bar none, into the mainstream public sphere brought with it a whole host of exciting new entertainment opportunities – with many of them being completely unprecedented in their scope. Almost everyone in the industrialized and developed world today (who is computer-proficient – it goes without saying) knows how to stream fun videos on YouTube, or Download high-quality H.D movies and the latest music and T.V shows from ITunes, or connect with their loved ones through Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp – or even subscribe to an internet-based T.V service like Netflix, in order to binge on exclusive T.V content unavailable anywhere else. All of this sounds really exciting (to be sure), but there is another form of entertainment that succeeds in enrapturing individuals to an even greater degree than the online diversions listed. A kind of sport, really, that requires a high-speed internet connection (like the unrivaled data plans on offer from Charter Spectrum Internetthe fastest Internet service provider out there) as a basic prerequisite for being virtually enacted. The allusions being made here are to Internet gaming, of course; that favorite pastime of both adolescent and old-timing zealous gamers who are always ready for a duel or two with their equally enamored buddies.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when the world was still getting-to-grips with the rightly deemed ‘awesome’ potential and possibilities of the internet, online gaming wasn’t much of a big thing. This was in large part due to slow internet connections (which were mostly Dial-up, phone-based linkages), and less sophisticated and powerful hardware options (as compared to the supercomputing and quad-core mammoths easily available today) available at that time. Fast forward by a couple of decades to the 21st century, and tech enthusiasts everywhere witnessed an outpouring of gaming consoles that competed furiously with traditional PC’s – in an attempt to captivate the interest of gamers everywhere. Graphic qualities improved dramatically, and pretty soon, popular game titles like Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, DOOM, Counter Strike, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed (among others) became part of the everyday socializing jargon for most youngsters – many of whom began to host and participate in large-scale gaming conventions for the sake of winning the ultimate online glory (and be hoisted up on the shoulders of their peers). But the entire gaming experience, it needs to be stated forcefully, hinges upon the internet speeds on offer to consumers. Charter Spectrum Internet, through its wide assortment of standalone Internet and Bundled plans, offers mind-blowing data-transfer speeds starting from 60 Mbps – and reaching past a whopping 300 Mbps on occasion. Perfect for gaming, or any other bandwidth-intensive online activity you can think of.

Charter’s basic Internet plan costs only $29.99 per month (when bundled), and in addition to the unprecedented uploading and downloading speeds it offers, features no data caps. This means that users can pursue their heavy downloading regimens without having to worry about exhausting their monthly plan volumes. And if that wasn’t enough, all of the company’s data plans come equipped with stringent anti-virus, anti-spamming, anti-hacking and parental control features, along with a FREE modem (with no infuriating contract formalities). With Charter, as soon as you subscribe, you are provided with instant connectivity for all of your devices. The stellar 24-hour customer service by industry specialists proves to be all the more beneficial for internet users, particularly gamers – who always seem to get caught up with some computer bug or software glitch they need to get fixed. All of these are the many reasons why Charter is not only rated as the fastest internet provider out there, but also the most reliable in terms of providing quality service.

Modern gaming consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, and many of the games that are specifically designed for these systems, require high-speed Internet connectivity to unlock some of their more enticing features – like multiplayer and long-distance gaming. The same is true for modern-day PC systems, which are often arranged in sprawling gaming zones for catering to the swaths of professional gamers who like to travel in packs. But despite all the massive investments made on acquiring appropriate hardware and infrastructural arrangements, the entire gaming spectacle can get drastically bogged down if internet speeds are inconsistent – or cannot get past the continual interruptions in data transmission. Charter Spectrum Internet ensures steady bandwidth allocations on all of its data plans, and unlike many other ISP companies which indulge in clever profit-maximization tactics, utilizes no speed-throttling practices which put home owners and individual customers at a disadvantage.

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