#JohnnyDepp #Forbes – Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? We all do. But our love for actors isn’t something that producers look up to. All they want is the return for investing into the actors for their movies! It does make sense A LOT! Therefore, Forbes have compiled a list of over-paid actors, and Johnny Depp tops the list with a magnanimous win of $1.20 for every dollar that He was paid.

Let’s compare this to other overpaid actors. Denzel Washington returned only $6.50  for every dollar He was paid. These figures are really low as compared to some of the most valuable actors like Chris Evans who tops the list for this other category. His films have apparently returned $181.80 for every dollar paid to him. These figures can put any great actor to shame. Other 4 names that follow Chris Evans are all women— Mila Kunis, Scarlett , Emma Stone and Gywneth Paltrow.

To be honest, the comparison isn’t fair, not at least entirely, because the movies that Chris Evans starred in were all Marvel’s Cinematic masterpieces, and regardless of who played Captain America, the movies would have made zillions!

And then we know Johnny Depp having the reputation of doing everything that can be categorised as crazy and unique, and we have realised, “crazy doesn’t always pay off!”

You can check the complete list of overpaid actors here.


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