I don’t do politics here.

I don’t aspire to influence anyone to vote any certain way. I don’t have a soapbox or a picket sign or a megaphone to shout snarky comments.

Today, after this long- ugly election in the US, I’d like to throw out a word for consideration to those of you who are Christ followers…


Love for God.

Love for people.

You know…the greatest commandment.

Today all over social media, some of my sisters and brothers in the faith are spewing sarcasm. Mocking those who didn’t vote like they did.

I want to jump up and down with my arms in the air and say…stop! Just stop for a moment and think!

Mocking. Sarcasm. Hate. Gloating.

After that kind of verbiage do you think your friends on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat or Instagram will look at you and say: now there’s a person filled with the love of God?

And worse…

Later…when that “friend”…the one you’re mocking…when that real live person gets a bad diagnosis, loses a spouse or a child, falls into financial hardship…will they be drawn to Jesus in you? Will they ask you to say a prayer for them?

Will you be in a place to serve them?

Or will they be repelled?

Are you throwing away your opportunity for God to use you?

Throwing out your sacred opportunity to serve someone in Jesus name?

All so you could gloat over your candidate winning…

May God have mercy …

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