#Manhattan #MedicalMarijuana – Cannabis consumers in NYC have to rely on the underground shady dues and discreet bikers for their (illegal) supply of pot, but for some medical marijuana patients, there is a dispensary they can get their hand on to.

Columbia Care just opened up yesterday on 14th street,  outside Union Square. It may sound like a quick one-stop-shop for weed lovers, but it’s not really like that. There won’t be any weed!

According to Compassion Care Act, patients will only be given access to oils, edibles, extracts and tincture but no actual flower, trees or buds. So if you are having a medical marijuana headache, New York is not the place that you should be living in. Move out to California if you want more flexibility.

Also, if you are living in NYC, you need to have an acute and sever life threatening condition to qualify for medical marijuana. Though there are 23 other states that allow for medical marijuana in some form, Empire State has the stringiest policy of all.

Given the stigma linked with smoking of Cannabis, it’s the only method of consumption that’s excluded from the medicinal use of marijuana.


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