#MartinShkreli  The most-hated person on this planet Martin Shkreli, with the aim of making life-saving drugs out of reach for the poor, is soon going to get a payback, through karma.

Though karma works more like “life for life” but even if some one like Shkreli is seized off his $2 million will satisfy a lot of hearts who want nothing good for him.

The one-of-a-kind album could possibly end up with a new owner if FBI’s claim come out to be true. FBI claims that Shkreli has bought the album from his previous illicit activities. However, the album is still not seized, because the claims have yet to be proven.

Shkreli’s lawyer, David Smyth, who is well-versed in defending criminals like him, defends Shkreli in a blog post, saying that the allegations have been put against Shkreli for something that happened years ago, so it would not be easy to track where the money came from for the album.

We are just hoping that something comes out against this white Criminal like Shkreli so that millions of those who have been denied medication due to him could feel a little better.


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