How do you determine where or who to get your news and fun from when going online? It’s by looking at a person who caters information to you! Meet Kevin Kjakpor – passionate and professional blogger, the founder and owner of Take a moment to click right through to his blog. It has tons of great posts on news, entertainment, culture, music, money, sports and many other fascinating areas of social life.

And there is a good cause for that. When you get done reading this post, you would know more about Kevin and his amazing online portal; it might even become one of your favorite places to go online.

Blogger facts

Kevin Djakpor (Pronounced Kevin Jakpor, the ‘D’ is silent) is Nigeria’s promptest growing blogger and internet gossip writer. But this is not how it all has started. Passion is something we get in the childhood and develop and grow throughout our lives. It is what makes people successful in their undertakings. After all, it is always the best to deal with people who love what they are doing.

This is exactly the story of Kevin. From his early years Kevin loved being at the heart of it all. He loved getting and sharing interesting information and facts. His friends even nicknamed him “infoking”, because he has always been handy with news and updates especially in the political and entertainment scene. Sounds like a perfect description for a blogger.

He was born back in 1977 in Kokori in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta state in Nigeria. He was raised in a Christian Pentecostal family with a humble background. Later on he took a Biochemistry course at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Doing the studies he got several part time jobs to support him, such as Art painting and creative song writing. Creativity has always been a part of his nature.

Romans used to say: where is the will, there is the way. Kevin’s will and heart was all about information. With the coming on Internet Kevin was offered a chance to involve in online publishing. 2012 was a very special year for him, as he established it was a turning point indeed.

Blog facts was established by Kevin Djakpor in October 2012. The site focuses on delivering latest Nigeria news on the country’s political life. Plus, Kevin posts about entertainment, music, Nollywood and celebrities, and on everyday events that take place in Nigeria. Kevin is a very passionate and active blogger. He understands the importance of getting the right info at the proper time. No wonder his blog has had a dramatic growth over the last 3 years.

Presently, it has got over 1.2 million page views per month and the traffic keeps growing. Over 50 percent of blog’s visitors come from Nigeria. However, this blog caters news and information to people from all over the globe, including enormous traffic from such regions as USA, UK, Canada and South Africa.

The blog has a high search engine ranking and almost half of its traffic is coming from social media, such as Facebook. Using is easy and the sharing news is made here easy too. You can grab the best pieces and share them with your buddies or colleagues. The blog is easy to search and navigate.

The news

By all means you won’t get bored visiting and no mistake. All the news here is ‘digestible and tasty’. They have cool images to help you get the idea of what the posts are about. The blog “menu” would suit anyone, because it offers everything from politics to sports, economics, celebrities, nature, events, etc. Plus, the blog gets you posted on the latest social events taking place in the country. You can find out about the latest movies running in the cinema and get the reviews on them. This online resource is a great place to draw your information and inspiration from.

Since its launching, has become one of the leading go-to sites for Breaking Political, celeb and general news delivering millions of page views a month with audiences within and outside Nigeria and rising rapidly. It’s become a passion for Kevin Djakpor as he loves blogging working into extra hours bringing News, Gists and opinions to his audiences and breaking more barriers with Kevindjakpor