At 2:30 a.m., the official deal was signed off between the both companies, as Microsoft will be taking control of the AI-powered keyboard from SwiftKey. According to resources, the company is very close to taking over SwiftKey, but for now the company has only paid for getting the artificial intelligence capabilities of SwiftKey’s keyboard. Microsoft already has an amazing keyboard of its own called WordFlow. This keyboard will make its debut on iOS somewhere in the upcoming weeks.

SwiftKey is famous for a very important reason: its highly accurate predictions. The company has also provided license to Samsung who are using SwiftKey’s software for their handsets.

Microsoft has been busy with promoting their productivity apps. They also acquired Acompli, an email startup 2 years back. This gave them a new app for its Microsoft Outlook.  Later they nabbed a couple of others, including to-do app Wunderlist and calendar app Sunrise.


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