Microsoft’s Mixer is now available in 21 languages, as the company looks to grow the appeal of its game-focused video-streaming service to users globally.

Support for more languages has been the platform’s number one most requested feature, according to Mixer’s community PM Josh Stein. “Our goal at Mixer has always been to connect broadcasters and viewers around the globe, and it’s been amazing to see our community grow internationally this year,” he said. “With this global growth, the number one piece of feedback we’ve seen is added language support.”

Microsoft acquired livestreaming startup Beam last August, just a few months after the service launched to the public, as it sought to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube as a destination for gaming videos. Back in May, Microsoft rebranded Beam as Mixer as it rolled out a bunch of new features, including co-streaming that allows up to four people to livestream gameplay to a single page, while it also garnered iOS and Android apps.

Mixer’s default language remains U.S. English, but anyone wishing to switch the interface to U.K. English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean, among others, can switch their tongue of choice through their account settings.

Above: Mixer – Languages

This goes some way toward bringing Mixer up to speed against rival services such as Twitch, which already supports more than 30 languages. However, Twitch goes one step further by allowing you to filter streams by broadcast language too, meaning you can tune into gameplay that features conversation in your preferred language too.

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