Washington— Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas Governor got dropped out of the presidential race on Monday. This is his second unsuccessful attempt at running for president.

Huckabee participated in the contest in early May, but couldn’t become more than just an afterthought, because of the already much-crowded field.

The biggest splash pulled off during his campaign was to rally together with Kim Davis, a clerk from Kentucky, who declined to issue gay marriage licenses, even after following orders from Supreme Court.

Otherwise, Huckabee’s voters were relatively on the lower end with single digits for most of the time during his contest. Also, he struggled quite badly with raising funds for his campaign.

Huckabee won lowa caucus for GOP presidential primary in 2008, but this wasn’t just enough for carry on this presidential campaign, and was dropped out.

In 2012, he was speculated to participate again for the contest, but he rather not opted for it.


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