We’ve been working hard over the past couple of months (Mike more than I), but we’re almost done with our mini kitchen remodel! (***I’ll list sources at the end of the post!***)

Here’s a little update… See 1st post about range hood HERE
kitchen Remodel

We’ve done a whole lot in this kitchen since we moved in six years ago…

It started out like this and we dove right in with phase 1…

This is the kitchen last December, while we liked it, there were still a few things that bothered us, but just a few, so a mini kitchen remodel is all we needed!

In the past 4 months, we’ve added the tile wall, built the range hood and corbels, added floating shelves, removed the peninsula and added an island, added loads of lights. (While that might sound like a medium size kitchen remodel, remember all we’ve done in this space already! For us, there wasn’t that much more to do.)

Mike’s still finishing up all new cabinet doors and drawers as well as a microwave drawer…

If your kitchen has a peninsula and you’ve considered removing it, I’d highly recommend it. With the peninsula, there was only one narrow entry into the kitchen. No matter how many people were in our house, I’m telling you, they all ended up crowded in that tiny passage!

(photo from 2011)

Now, it’s wide open and there’s room to move around…

Here’s the scoop on the “semi-homemade” island…

While I love the way the island turned out, Mike says he’d never do it again! I had this “brilliant” idea to save time and money by purchasing a well-built piece of furniture and have Mike do an add-on to make it wider and then build a top. Sounds good right?!

I found this heavy duty media cabinet at Costco, although the color wasn’t right, I loved the doors and the hardware, so I launched a campaign to convince Mike…

“Painting it will be a breeze …”

“…we can get the electrician to add plugs…”

“…and maybe you could just add to the back side of the piece by building open shelving…”

“…and make a hardwood top that extends a bit so there’s room for 2 small bar stools…”

Mike gave me everything I asked for but it wasn’t easy since he had to take the console apart to replicate the moldings and trim on the back and sides and to repaint. (Since the inside and outside had to be repainted.)

kitchen remodel

Now that it’s tucked into the kitchen looking pretty, he’s happy with it but it was in fact more trouble doing a semi-DIY island!

See the cabinets and drawers under the coffee maker? Those are some of the new ones Mike already made and installed.

The rest of the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts should be installed within the next couple of weeks and then we’ll kick back and enjoy the holidays…

Do you have any areas of your kitchen that bother you? If so, would you ever consider a mini kitchen remodel???

kitchen remodel

Have a wonderful day my friends ~ xo


(affiliate links included)

Chandeliers: HERE

Sconce: HERE

Space Saver Bar Stools: Birch Lane

Island: Built out a console from Costco (in store- not online)



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