#MirandaKerr’s #NudePhotoShoot  Well it may be considered like okayish to have nudity around us, but an Australian supermarket has proved it to be wrong. For them nudity is not OK. Supermarket giant Coles pulled off the Jan/Feb edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine from its shelves that featured Miranda Kerr’s nude photo for the cover. Miranda is an Australian supermodel. I guess, the owners of the supermarket aren’t much into supermodels.

Mashable Australia was able to interview Coles who replied through an email in these words: “In response to feedback from our customers, many of whom shop with their children, we removed the magazine from sale earlier this week,”

The cover was deemed inappropriate immediately by Coles executives as they might have believed that supermarkets are a place where it’s difficult to filter content.

One of the Coles spokesperson gave the statement to FairFax that: “We didn’t think the cover was appropriate for our stores so the decision was made”.

The response was not that positive from Kellie Hush, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar. She was disappointed with Coles response to their magazine’s cover as the reason for such cover was to celebrate femininity, according to Hush.


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