Planning a trip is never an easy task. However, in the 21st century with the rise of technology, travel apps can be your best travel guide. Here is a list of most useful travel apps to help you in organizing your unforgettable vacation:

Offmaps 2

Once you find yourself in a new city for the very first time, you may regret not carrying a map. Sure, you can always google your answer, but sometimes your internet connection will be weak or even unavailable. In order to avoid these tricky situations, it would be best for you to use an amazing Offmaps 2 app. This application contains detailed maps for almost all major cities around the world.


Even though Offmaps 2 is great for on-foot exploration, you will need something a bit more interactive for car navigation. This is where the Waze navigation app  is a most definite must for any road trip. Never again will you be lost in the streets of an unknown city, all thanks to Waze.


Planning the itinerary is never an easy task, unless you use the Tripit trip planning application. This app will allow you to plan your entire stay in checkpoints, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of all that Tripit can do for you. By connecting Tripit to your Outlook or Gmail account, it automatically sends confirmation emails to all airports, hotels, and restaurants you intend on visiting.

Wi-Fi Finder

As we already mentioned, the greatest shortcoming of a Wi-Fi dependency is that you won’t always have it. However, with the use of Wi-Fi Finder, this fear can soon be a thing of the past. By installing and using this incredible technological marvel, you will always be aware of any Wi-Fi hotspots in your nearest vicinity.


If you’re looking for the right flight and accommodation Kayak app can be of great help. It shows most affordable flights to your desired location as well as the list of most appropriate accommodations for your needs.


Although Kayak is great for finding a flight, you won’t necessarily need it on every trip since sometimes you may choose to travel by car. When this happens, your biggest issue will be gas prices. But, no need to worry, the GasBuddy app can help here. This app informs you of the regional gas prices and allows you to buy cheap. Seeing how this is a major expense, any saving made this way will be major as well.


Traveling around an unfamiliar city on your own, on foot or by public transportation can be quite inconvenient indeed. Because of this, probably your safest and most reliable way of commute while on a voyage is to use Uber app. This way, in a shortest notice, you will have a reliable local driver to take you wherever you may desire. Their quality of service and the fact that they are not stuck in a paper era (like most of the taxi companies) makes Uber extremely tourist-friendly.


Probably the most important issue on any trip you go to is the issue of finances. Not only do trip and accommodation cost an arm and a leg, your other expenses are often significant as well. This is why you should use Trippeo to help you out. Trippeo monitors your travel expenses via your mobile device or laptop and in this way know exactly where you stand financially.

XE Currency

Counting in foreign currency can be annoying at the very least. Even counting in round numbers such as 10s or 100s can seem strange, not to mention counting tips and cab fares. Still, XE Currency application can solve this problem once and for all. By installing this simple software on your mobile device, you will ensure that troubles with currency conversion are a thing of the past.


Localeur is a user-friendly app which helps you get your way around an unfamiliar region with the help of locals. The local populace is asked to evaluate small businesses and points of interest in their city and using those reviews can easily help you navigate your journey. This application is on a steady rise in popularity and some even claim that it shows serious inclination to threaten Yelp’s dominance.


Finally, every trip is also about making memories and what better way to do so than to take a few pictures. Trover picture processing and sharing application will help you convert these photos into real mementos and instantly share them with people back home. This way, you will not only have your memories at a seconds notice but also give people a live feedback of your journey.

The best two things about every single one of these apps is just how user-friendly they are and how easy it is for one to get accustomed to them. After a single journey with them at your side, you won’t be able to remember how you could ever travel without them.


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