As the campaign for 2016 presidential elections is already wearing out, voters have to hear to some of the most awful anti-muslim rhetorical speeches.

But Obama had also been listening, and that’s when he may have decided to pay a visit to Baltimore mosque on Wednesday. There, he sat down with Islamic leaders and discussed the fears that Muslims have been facing.

Obama said, We’re one American family, and when any part of our family feels second-class, it tears at the fabric of our nation”. “This is a moment when, as Americans, we have to truly listen to each other and learn from each other”, He further added.

The visit can also be seen as a direct rebuke to the GOP’s campaign.

Obama went on saying that too often people generalise and conflate acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith. He also talked about the pillars or tenets of Islam, which according to him “not many Americans are familiar with”

Obama has proved time and again that he has been one of the greatest leaders in the history of America.


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