While other spacefaring adventures are about saving planets and fighting invaders, Obelus is just trying to sell some insurance. It’s a new action sidescroller from developer Springloaded Software, and it’s looking to raise $50,000 in a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Fig by December 7. It plans to launch on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Obelus features a pixel art aesthetic for its alien landscapes. The protagonist, Dave, is an insurance salesman who travels the galaxy in an artificial intelligence-assisted mech. In his journey to seek new customers, he’ll encounter some hostile creatures. A branching narrative and dialogue choices also promise to examine themes about AI and big data with what seems to be an existentialist bent.

“While Obelus is set on an alien world, the theme of the art focuses around scale: giant environments and natural monuments dwarf the player’s character, reinforcing the feeling of insignificance,” said Springloaded founder James Barnard on the campaign page. “This feeling is of core importance to the game, seeing as the player should feel helpless against the unstoppable manipulative powers of the AI that they share their adventure with.”

Barnard was a lead designer at LucasArts before he started his own studio in 2012. Springloaded has developed free-to-play mobile games like The Last Vikings along with titles for the Nintendo 3DS like Space Lift Danger Panic.

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