#OculusRift – Oculus Rift is now up for sale, and for all those awaiting consumers, they can now order it for $699.But wait, we wouldn’t like you to do that. Why? Because there are so many other options coming up soon that you should just procrastinate your decision to have one.

For example, PSVR is set to be releasing soon. The reason why you should have PSVR is not only because of PlayStation 4’s low price but also that, we can also expect the VR headset to be priced accordingly. Sony is very particular and smart when it comes to pricing.

Other option is Vive from HTC. This VR headset is expected to provide a unique and more interactive VR experience.
From what we have figured out about users response over internet, they were expecting the price to be almost half of what it’s up on sale for now.

Oculus Rift will still be a preferable VR choice for desktop gamers who already own a high-end windows-based PC. But for those who don’t have one, they will have to additionally spend $900-$1100.
Well, we are not starting up a debate about console gaming vs. pc gaming, but it seems like that consoles are going to be more affordable option for the future.

I am getting a PlayStation 4, because VR is something that I have always waited for!


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