#SanFrancisco #BlackRhino #Celebrates45thBirthday — With just a few thousands of them left, Rhinos are one of the highly endangered species on the planet Earth.

The oldest Rhino by this date in North America is the one in the San Francisco Zoo who celebrated her 45th birthday. Elly is the oldest black Rhinoceros in North America, whocelebrated her birthday with molasses and rolled oats.

The exact date of Elly’s birth is unconfirmed but she has been living in the Zoo from 1974. Almost 200,000 Rhinos were recorded in 1960 through Africa, but the figures have dropped down to only 3000-5000, due Rhino horns poaching. These horns are used for decorative purposes and also for medicinal purposes in some cultures. There are almost 60 black rhinos in N.America’s zoos.

Rhinos, living in the wild, eat shrubs and bushes, but at the zoo, they are fed hay, fruit, acacia alfalfa etc.

About Elly, she loves corns, bananas, and beets. She weighs around 2000 Kgs and uses bale of straw for sleeping.

Elly shares the habitat with her grandson Boone. Black Rhinos have extreme shortsightedness but possess great sense of smell and hearing. Their average life is around 15-20 years in the wild.


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