Forget about waterproof phones, this new device from a Swedish Startup called MyFC unveiled something very cool at CES on January 6, 2016. This device called JAQ uses a fuel cell that is filled with saltwater and oxygen to produce energy. The cell first makes chemical energy which is converted into electric energy that is used to charge a phone’s battery.

The charger looks much like a credit card that contains saltwater. You need to to slip the card into a hollowed port on the device which will in turn produce electricity needed to charge the phone.

The JAQ power card can produce up to 1800 mAh of electricity which can quite easily charge your iPhone 6S fully. Larger devices like iPads needs more than just one card to get fully juiced-up.

The device uses up oxygen and hydrogen to move the electrolyte inside the fuel cell. The resulting reaction leaves nothing but harmless water as byproduct.

JAQ isn’t yet up for sale, but according to the company, shipping can start later this year. These cards can be purchased individually and will cost around $1.50/piece.


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