My name is Mikael Broidioi aka iN Fravez. I’m 36 and I’m a French travel photographer who lives in Belgium.

My wife and I traveled 3,117 miles in 15 days across the popular national parks: Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Antelope Canyon, Arches NP, Canyonland, Monument Valley, Petrified Forest NP, Joshua Tree NP… We also drove on the Route 66 from Santa Fé to Los Angeles via Albukerque, Gallup, Flagstaff, Seligman, Kingman…

Big fan of the wide open spaces, I “drown” the human in the immensity of the decors that surround us. Landscapes and nature predominate over human, it is really important for me because it reflects a reality sometimes forgotten. I like the front side of the shot that sometimes gives the impression that things are staged.

More info:

Ascendant Landscape (2017)

Délabrée, vers Joshua Tree (2017)

Green Végétation en bord de route (2017)

Chez Rick (2017)

De la roche et des arbres (2017)

Fumée chez les Navajo (2017)

La remonteé d’Antelope Canyon (2017)

Fin de journée sur Joshua Tree I (2017)

Lake Powell II / L’homme au bout (2017)

On the road again, la main par la fenêtre (2017)

Fin de journée sur la route (2017)

Redhead Landscape à Bryce Canyon (2017)

Abandonnée à Escalante, tout comme nous… (2017)

Vers la nuit sur la route I (2017)

VW T3 et 4 filles (2017)

Petrified Forest Landscape, le nuage orphelin (2017)

Black Cow sur la route (2017)

Arche family (2017)

Seul à Monument Valley (2017)

Vintage car à Cow Canyon Trading Post II (2017)

Petrified Forest Landscape, rouge et nuageux (2017)

Petrified Forest Landscape, les nuages gris (2017)