The next time you hear from us, we’ll have suntans and terrible driving skills (Southern Californian drivers + Dean Takahashi in a rental car is probably how I’ll die) because we’re headed to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show.

On this week’s GamesBead Decides podcast, hosts Mike Minotti and Jeffrey Grubb wrap up their preview of the event with talk about what they’re most looking forward to playing. The pair also provide some final thoughts on some of the other media presentations and try to guess if Sony will have a playable God of War.

The podcast also dives into the week’s news and our favorite moments from past E3s. Mike and Jeff also read some NES memories from listeners. If you sent in a memory, you might’ve won a Wireless MyArcade NES Classic Edition controller. We used a random-number generator to select the winners, and you should check your email or Twitter so we can send you your prize.

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We didn’t have a lot of new games to talk about this week because we’re busy with E3, and I didn’t start Tekken 7 until after we recorded.

Games on this week’s show:

  • Arms
  • Swapping out a PC motherboard

Check out the video version of the podcast above or the audio version right here:

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