#Texas #Surrogate – A Texas mother gave birth to her own granddaughter by serving as a surrogate, and not that to anyone else, but her own daughter.

At the age of 54 years, Tracey Thompson was able to deliver a healthy baby of 6-pounds and 11-ounces, making her a grandmother to her 28-year-old daughter’s daughter through surrogacy.

Tracey’s daughter, Kelly, already had three miscarriages and had only 4 embryos left. Even after going through multiple treatments, nothing worked, and it’s when the mother stepped in for implantation of her daughter’s egg, even 7-years past her menopause.

The embryos were transplanted last April in Thompson’s womb.

The born daughter is named Kelcey, combination of grandmother’s and mother’s name. Both the child and the grandmother are doing great.


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