The specialty of gynecology is unique among all the medical specialties. This is because doctors of various other specialties often refer women patients to gynecologists to ascertain if there is any gynecological angle to their problems. If the doctor suspects that the suffering of the woman or girl has something to do with her reproductive system, he will obviously desire to have an opinion of the gynecologist. If the gynecologist confirms that there is no gynecological angle, then, only the doctor will proceed with his or her treatment. So, in a way, a gynecologist in thane is counted upon by doctors of all specialties in thane when it comes to treating a female, especially of reproductive age.

Variety of patients and problems

A gynecologist has to diagnose and treat a variety of women patients, both in age, complications and stage of life. Diagnosis and treatment of a pubertal lady or girl may be completely different from that of a pre-pubertal girl or a menopausal woman. So, the stage of life and age of a woman is a vital parameter in deciding the diagnostic and treatment protocol.

Treating complications at different stages of life

Innumerable complications are present in the female reproductive system. Problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine fibroid, ovarian disorders, delivery of premature baby, abnormal bleeding, pelvic floor disorders etc are some of the general complications among women. Mode of treatment of these disorders often depends on the stage of life of the woman. If the woman is a mother and does not want to have any more child then the doctor may well advise her to undergo surgery to remove cysts or fibroids. However, if she is an unmarried lady or a married lady with no child then the doctor may not go for surgery at all.

Responsible for two lives

A gynecologist is often responsible for the well being of two lives – the mother and the child in her womb. When a woman feels that she is pregnant she first visits a gynecologist. As soon as she is diagnosed to be pregnant she becomes a patient of the gynecologist. The best gynecologist in thane will first try to ascertain if the heart of the foetus is beating. However, the heartbeat may not be audible for the first two months or so. From that period the doctor becomes responsible for two lives. Such responsibility on the part of a good gynecologist culminates in successful delivery of a healthy baby while the mother is hale and hearty.

Some other aspects to be considered

If you are facing some issues in getting pregnant, then you would need to avail the services of a gynecologist who has experience in this domain. Always opt for a gynecologist who is an obstetrician as well, because he is the one who is authorized to conduct deliveries on your behalf. He or she deals with all the problems of the reproductive system, whereas a gynecologist deals with only the part where you become pregnant. If you are planning to have additional children then it is suggested that you get in touch with a gynecologist, so that you will not have to run for appointments.

The location of a gynecologist is important as you will need to travel a lot when you meet them.