There are many magical and breathtaking places on the face of the Earth. Also one life is not enough to see them all. But, we can try!

I love nature and photo trips. Ireland was an old dream for me so I was really glad to be there. I am interested in wildlife, landscapes and Irish city life. The concept was to try to capture the magical atmosphere of Ireland!

We have taken a huge tour around the island. We were in the north, the west and the south. It took us more than 10 days. Although we have spent a lot of time travelling and taking photographs, on the other hand, we saw nothing. I mean, Ireland has thousands of amazing places and secrets what we haven’t seen yet.

These 11 days were an unforgettable adventure for me so I’m sure I will go back as soon as I can.

This series includes many photos, so I hope you will like it!

Special thanks to László Rádl, Miklós Verdes, Tamás Németh, Rezső Erős who show me these breathtaking places!

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Strange Field – Yes, the shape of the grass is real!

Silver Beach

Would You Dare…?

Seal Portrait

The Mystery Downpatrick Head

Dark Hedges alias Kingsroad from Game of Thrones

Calm Irish Landscape

Cover of the Night

Five more minutes please! It’s 6 AM!

Paralell Universe


The Enchanted Forest has its own Architecture #1

A Different Kind of Landscape


Irish Pub

Temple Bar

Dublin by Night

Falling Smoke

The Enchanted Forest has its own Architecture #2

The Blood Moon Rising

Epic Start

Road to Hell

Redshank of Ballintoy

Inclement Stones

Irish Greenland

Stormy Sunset

The Last Fortress


The Conquest of Time

Looking for the Leprechaun’s Gold

Magic Valley

Nice Room…Almost – An abandoned hotel somewhere in Donegal.

In Need of Water…?

Angry Sea at Downpatrick Head

Abandoned Still Life

Sitting on the Edge of Europe

Good Old Days (an old lighthouse)

Eye of Howth

This werk video has made in hungarian, but the landscapes and the hotel are still amazing I guess!