There is a reason I love the tropical climate of Asia, and i.e. to avoid winters. They make me feel groggy, sad and what not. Also, I would like to mention how much I love beaches. Whenever I am back home, I have to overcome acute nostalgia for my time spent on the beaches. Tropical islands are my favorites. That sweet rendition of the waves and the wind passing through the palm trees, I would give up anything any day to experience it one more time.

Over years, I have finally chosen some of my favorites. Check out these top islands that that you need to visit in Asia before you go for a vacation anywhere else.

The Maldives

Maldives is located in the centre of Atlantic Ocean with more than 1000 islands. Of these, only 200 are inhabited. These islands are just above the sea level and were washed away during the Tsunami of 2004. The government has done some arrangements for flood barrier after since.

Vacationing in Maldives isn’t one of the cheapest holiday destinations, especially the Air fare, but it’s worth a vacation due to its beautiful resorts, crystal clear water and lots of tourist attractions.

Ko Lipe

Thailand has one of the best beaches and if there is something I would like to spend my next vacation again, that would be Ko Lipe. I love this place due to its amazing seafood and friendly locals. The island mostly has basic accommodation and the electricity is turned off during nights in most of the places. If you are up for some snorkelling, there is a small island next to Ko Lipe where you can also spot rare reef sharks.

What kept me here for two weeks was the bathtub-warm water and sandy beaches. The best time to visit Ko Lipe is between November to March.


This country has around 322 islands and guess what? Only 1/3 of them are inhabited. Whenever you get to hear the name Fiji, all you could do is to mesmerise those beautiful islands that have no match. The place has tons of islands so you can always get to the one that best suits you. Fiji is a popular holiday destination due to its relatively constant temperate throughout the year. Only during November and January, the place witness cyclones.

Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii’s Big Island has everything that you need to have for your perfect holiday destination. But what makes this island stand out from the rest is its Volcano National Park. You can explore volcanoes, trail through the lava tubes, and watch as hot lava enters the ocean. What else? The island has beautiful waterfalls, and by that I mean, one of the best waterfalls. The wet season starts from October and stays till March. The weather is cooler during these month and that’s why I prefer to go during the rainy season. The temperature varies significantly on Hawaii islands even though they are located close to each other. You can never expect how the weather would turn out to be.

There are countless islands that you can go for, however, the aforementioned are a few great ones to start from. Let us know which one are your favorite destinations?