#Dallas # Tornadoes #Blizzards #Floods  The same storm that struck in the Dallas-Forth Worth Area, is likely to cause much more, like floods, and even blizzard conditions. These conditions are expected to prevail on Sunday from New Mexico to the northeast.

Air travel can be expected to suffer as low clouds, thunderstorms and heavy rain can cover areas from Dallas to Houston, moving forward to northeast towards St. Louis to Chicago and finally eastward to Ohio Valley.

The east has shown a record for the warmest Christmas day and Eve in the history.

The chances of a similar storm that hit last Saturday are less likely as clouds seem to showing less density on the satellite imagery.

Around 11 people have been killed so far and damaged areas in Dallas stretches out to 40 miles The damage includes that of smashed cars, roods and even blown off homes.

The unusual wet conditions are contributing to deadly floods in Alabama, Missouri and other states of U.S. We can also expect more flooding issues in the coming days.


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