Our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds livestream took a week off so I could get stuck on the other side of the Rockies, but I’m back now, and it’s time to feast with the PUBG Family Dinner.

On most Friday nights, I (your host and GamesBeat PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb) livestream PUBG custom games to our Twitch channel. We do a variety of match types, and we try to get the public in as often as possible. If you want to play, just tune in. I’ll give out the password to our game server on the air, and that’s all you need to hop in and take shots at us.

Here are the details:

  • #PUBGFamilyDinner streams live on GamesBeat’s Twitch channel as well as player channels. Follow GamesBeat on Twitch and turn on notifications to make sure you don’t miss the action.
  • You can let people know you’re streaming from matches on Twitter using the hashtag.
  • Matches start at 8 p.m. Pacific.
  • Twitch chat is welcome to join.
  • I give out passwords to the PUBG server on the stream and in chat.
  • The PUBG custom-game room is always called “Doritos Influencer Zone.”
  • Join the Extended Family Discord server to partner with other players (especially in zombie matches)

Catch the stream here:

Let’s just play this and pretend no other games are coming out.

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