Over the past two years we have been exploring our planet. We have visited 40 countries and have taken over 14,000 photographs. Some we shared on our Instagram feed, others have just sat on our hard drive.

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Now that we have come home to reflect on our adventure, we’ve also taken the time to look through all 14,000 photographs. We’ve quickly begun to notice some similarities between landscapes and vistas, thousands of miles apart. Below is the full collection of our combined fantasy images.

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Tower Bridge in London vs Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Bryce Canyon in USA vs The Dolomites in Italy

Alberta in Canada vs Järpen in Sweden

Summertime in Iceland vs Wintertime in Germany

Banff National Park in Canada vs Tsitsikamma National Park in South Africa

Forests in Norway vs Forests in Japan

The Alps in Austria vs The Drakensberg in South Africa

Sydney Flora in Australia vs Bali Flora in Indonesia

Sunrise on Vancouver Island in Canada vs Sunrise on Poros Island in Greece

Architecture in Italy vs Architecture in Germany

Lake Tekapo in New Zealand vs Lake Wolfgang in Austria

Sossusvlei in Namibia vs Otago in New Zealand