Xbox One is about to get a major overhaul that should make the system easier to use.

Microsoft revealed today that it is rolling out a preview of the Creators Update for Xbox One. Certain people who are part of the Xbox One Preview Program should get the patch immediately — other Preview Program members will get it in the coming days and weeks. With the Creators Update, a lot is going to change about the way the Xbox One works. Primarily, Microsoft’s engineers have given the system’s interface a major overhaul.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is different:

  • New homepage: Microsoft is simplifying the home to make it more intuitive to navigate.
  • Faster Guide: The guide button will now react more quickly when you press it during a game or an app, and it will give you more control over you system without having to return to the homepage.
  • Better multitasking: The Guide gives you access to music controls and useful functions like GameDVR.
  • Cortana improvements: The voice assistant can now set alarms and reminders.
  • More informative updates: When Xbox One updates, it will tell you what is happening and how far along in the process you are overall.
  • Co-Pilot accessibility feature: This enables two controllers to control one game, which should help people with disabilities.
  • Spatial audio and bitstream passthrough: Xbox One audio codecs are improving to support standards like Dolby Atmos.

On top of all these features, Microsoft is promising to implement its Beam livestreaming service, and you can get to it from the Guide. I’ll have a hands-on with this update as it becomes available.

Shared from VentureBeat